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Founded in 1999.

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About The Paris Bureau

The Paris Bureau is a French company that was founded a decade ago by American producers with extensive experience in France and throughout Europe. It was named in homage to the network bureaus which have since disappeared, and it has become the transatlantic production liaison for many North American network and production companies.

Our years of creating program material from Europe for the U.S. audience is at your service to handle every production need – from shooting an element to co-producing a full- length series.

From the high-flying adventure of round-the-world balloon races…to the silent world of under the streets or the seas…we try to open up new horizons for the audience.

Our teams have traveled through Europe with bands of gypsies…gone to the bullfights in Spain…and gone backstage for the glamour of the Paris fashion shows and the excitement of celebrity weddings….

We’ve been there and brought back the pictures and the stories about the people…not just the events…we try to open up hew horizons for the audience.

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The Paris Bureau Team

Niki Cook

Niki Cook

Production Manager

Niki has extensive project management experience with American, French and international production companies. She coordinates scheduling, project development and location assistance. She has been with The Paris Bureau from the beginning and is the creator of the best production database in Paris.

Jim Bittermann

Jim Bittermann

Senior Partner

Producer, writer and journalist with more than four decades of experience as on-air talent for top US and Canadian networks. Known for his insightful writing and ability to explain the large and small picture. Jim brings close-up views and analyses of the most significant events to viewers around the world.

Our History


With a new lease and renewal of its staff at the Champs Elysees headquarters, The Paris Bureau is taking on more and more varied assignments in a media environment that has swiftly moved from tape to full digital and high definition productions. Our goal is to clearly demonstrate that shooting in France or Europe does not have to be more expensive or time consuming than anywhere else…and we are looking forward to welcoming your next production in Paris!


As the new Millennium was about to dawn, The Paris Bureau opened it’s doors as a French production support company. It was founded by longtime network Producer Pat Thompson who personally oversaw its operations until her untimely death in 2010


After working on scores of network productions over the first five years, The Paris Bureau, takes on CNN its biggest client to provide production support across a variety of platforms, including news, sports and documentaries.


“The Paris Bureau expands its offices and moves to the glamorous Champs Elysees, which provides not only a superb backdrop for programs and live shots, but also a great working environment.


In what became one of its busiest years, The Paris Bureau produced hours of programming for the CNN series Eye on France and employed more than a hundred people for an episode of the CBS series, The Amazing Race.

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